Plural Component Coating

Plural component coating is an ideal solution for any coating job that cannot be met through traditional coating systems. Plural components coatings are a unique 2 part, high solids coating. These two part coatings are labeled Component (A): Resin or Base and Component (B): Co-reactant or Curing Agent. The 2 components are mixed in various ratios and rapidly cure through chemical crosslinking. This crosslinking allows these epoxy, polyurethane and polyureas coatings to cure anywhere from seconds to several hours depending on the product being applied. While this might be very beneficial to the customer, specialized application pumps, increased focus and attention to detail are critical. Fortunately Field Protective Coating Services has the necessary industrial painting and coating equipment as well as the extensively trained personnel to apply these coating in a wide range of fields.

Three main types of plural component coatings:
1. Epoxy: A combination of mixing a base (resin or epoxy) with an activator (catalyst, hardener, or converter). This method offers tough corrosion protection that can be sprayed wet-on-wet and are typically used in primer applications providing strong chemical resistance.

2. Polyurethane: A combination of mixing an isocyanate with a polyol resin. Ideal for fast-setting coating or finish requirements. Polyurethanes provide a strong high quality finish ideal for handling harsh environmental and corrosive conditions providing strong resistance to chemicals, as well. Typically used over a primer and a topcoat in direct-to-metal applications.

3. Polyurea: A combination of mixing an isocyanate with an amine resin. This is also a fast setting finish ideal for applications where environmental conditions are a factor.

Industries that use Plural Component Coatings
- Oil and Gas Pipelines
- Water and Sewage Treatment Plants
- Petrochemical Storage and Refineries
- Containment Systems
- Tank Lining
- Marine Vessels

Advantages of Plural Component
• Provides a higher quality more durable longer lasting finish
• Plural component pumps are advanced enough to control mix applications for optimal durability
• Efficiency in material use as it maximizes application use
• Two-part coatings cure faster than single-component materials
• Application time is greatly reduced for faster turn-around time
• Large coverage areas can be quickly and efficiently applied
• Eliminates post application waste and cleanup
• Plural component coating offers lower VOC emissions satisfying federal environmental damage standards