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Dry ice blasting is a cutting-edge cleaning method that employs dry ice pellets (frozen carbon dioxide) propelled at high speeds. This process effectively removes contaminants, such as grease, grime, and even some coatings, without using water or harsh chemicals.

Unlike sandblasting, dry ice blasting is non-abrasive, which means it the ideal choice when no surface roughness is desired. This is due to the relative softness of a solid CO², which is not as dense and hard, as other projectile media. When dry ice pellets hit a surface, such as a metal part contaminated with oil and grime, the dry ice pellets immediately sublimate (change in form from solid to gas). Pellets are propelled against a substrate at high speed and convert from a solid to a vapor leaving no residue, unlike sandblasting. It also doesn’t leave toxic waste as solvents can. It lets you skip clean-up problems associated with other cleaning methods.

The elimination of additional secondary waste is why many industries are choosing dry ice blasting as an alternative to sandblasting, glass bead blasting, hydro-blasting, solvents, and other cleaning methods. Dry ice cleaning is also environmentally responsible.

Since dry ice is in fact “dry”, dry ice blasting is also the preferred choice when cleaning machinery, electrical components, and sensitive equipment in enclosed facilities or confined spaces. It is capable of getting into tight spaces and crevices that other methods cannot. You can also take the dry ice blasting system to your equipment – cleaning it in place without risky and time-consuming material handling. It is nonabrasive, nonconductive, and nonflammable and generally results in a much faster cleaning process, in many cases up to 75% faster. Dry ice blasting is great for mold remediation projects and comes highly approved by industrial hygienists.

Industries Served

Many different types of industries can utilize dry ice blasting. Many commercial and manufacturing settings find dry ice to be an ideal cleaning solution due to its unique properties.

  • Power Generation
  • Food processing -Food Standards Agency documented the process to effectively decontaminate surfaces of Salmonella enteritidis, coli, and Listeria monocytogenes.
  • Remediation – mold, smoke, fire, and water damage
  • Historic Preservation
  • Printing
  • Foundries
  • Aerospace
  • Oil and gas industry

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